What does it mean to be well? How might we cultivate a rhythm of life, work, and service that is regenerative and sustainable?

Perhaps it begins with something basic – what we eat, and how we eat. The manner in which we feed our bodies often says alot about how we relate to ourselves – have we been kind? Here, we create spaces where one can find pause to receive the goodness that nourishing food holds.

By coming to the core of sustainable and regenerative practices, the Well-Being pod support the community to walk the talk. We acknowledge that while we put our hearts, hands and heads to doing meaningful work, it is essential that we pay attention to SELF-CARE, COMMUNITY-CARE and EARTH-CARE, as we are an intrinsic part of the world we live in. Here, we actively co-create, in parallel, a healthy outer ecosystem and an wholesome inner ecosystem at the same time.

We also explore the idea of food beyond that which feed the physical body, and expand our awareness to how everything we consume makes up the state of our being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Pod Activators: Vivian Lee & Lim Sixian


Mapping fruit spaces

“What fruits will you find here?” “Oh, there are chiku, mango, rambutan, …” The woman watches her son…

May 25, 2020