Project Black Gold

Project Black Gold is a project to grow the local community food scrap composting movement. 

Contact persons:
Cuifen Pui, Chingwei Chen

The project has three goals:

  • Create a website that showcases the local composting movement, highlights approaches that have proven to work well in Singapore, and provides starter kits for anyone keen to start one in their neighbourhood. 
  • Refine starter kits and website based on learnings from the trial at the 3 neighbourhoods
  • Work alongside 3 communities (Khatib, Bukit Gombak and Jurong) in using food scraps and compost-making as a way to reduce sending waste to incinerators, make compost and healthier soil, cultivate a sense of community, and take climate action.

The Soil Regeneration Project

The Soil Regeneration Project was seeded in 2019 as a research and knowledge platform, with the hypothesis that healthy soil creates healthy communities. By working with gardeners, farmers, Soil Companions, and community-members, the project demonstrates that the quest for healthier soil can take place through collaborative knowledge-building, creating interconnected social-soil communities.

In 2020, the project:

  • creates a capacity-building programme for community gardeners, around soil regeneration, utilizing a mix of citizen science and lab-based tests to track changes in soil health over time
  • develops an evidence-based methodology for soil restoration for edible food growing in Singapore, in community gardens
  • develops a curriculum for schools and community gardens, around soil health

We invite people to follow our progress via Foodscape Collective’s social media platforms, or to write in to

Contact persons: Huiying Ng, Aditi Punj, Vivian Lee