While ‘Community-building’ exists as a pod, the community element is truthfully weaved into the Collective’s work in almost every aspects. 

Living through this still-strange and unsettling time of global pandemic, the period of introspection within reveals further our need for community, as we realise how much we are interdependent and interconnected.

Distance ≠ Safety

Distance does not create safety, if we cannot make sense of our lives in the bigger scheme of the world around us. This is an opportunity to weave in the social threads while in physical isolation, into greater connections and stronger relationships. Determined, not just to stay alive, but also to continue living and to create a meaningful life, we feel that it is necessary to hold space together as a community for support, inspirations and celebration.

Connection = Care

During the time of the Circuit Breaker in Singapore, we have started a series of weekly calls, as a way for the Foodscape Collective community to stay in touch with one another. #CollectiveWednesday is evolving to feature voices from the community.

Please join us in any of these programmes, and please also feel free to suggest or offer to host a session to share your gifts. Write to us at


Mapping fruit spaces

“What fruits will you find here?” “Oh, there are chiku, mango, rambutan, …” The woman watches her son…

May 25, 2020