Community-Building / Well-Being

Being@Home #2: Coming Home to Our Bodies

This second edition of Being@Home explored our connection to our individual physical body – how do we relate to it, how do we take care of it, how do we nourish it, how do we move with it.

The guided self-massage started with applying light pressure on acupressure points around our faces and fingers, followed by gently rubbing, kneading and tapping around the head, shoulders, and the whole upper body, before standing up to move into incrementally bigger movement. As we reconnect in a visceral and intentional way to our bodies, we flow into free form movement to an in-house playlist curated for the evening on this Full Moon night.

With lights off and screen on, we spontaneously melt and surface in and out of the darkness as we hold space for our inner rhythm to find expression in one another’s company.