The Research pod makes research accessible and open. It has several long-term research foci, with the objective of creating and maintaining a knowledge base that feeds in to other pods and projects. These are:

  1. resilience in food systems,
  2. sovereignty and safety (including pollution),
  3. agri-cultural and social regeneration,
  4. geospatial tools for open-source citizen social science.

Contact Person: Huiying Ng

Through MAPPING, COMMUNITY DATA JAMMING and SKILLS-SHARING, we re-visit what it means to “search”: to seek out new understandings and new imaginations of our world, to inhabit civic and agroecological space together. Sit with us at occasional BOOKCLUBs co-organised with friends in the network such as Tanah, where we sift through texts to find gems of practical wisdom and unearthly beauty – new words for our times. Or delve deeper into what knowledge-building can look like in the SOIL REGENERATION PROJECT, and witness how citizen research enables people to make their own futures.

Some of our old works sit here:

Crowdsourced Map of Really Local Edible Gardens:

Mark your own point (Data collection form):


Mapping fruit spaces

“What fruits will you find here?” “Oh, there are chiku, mango, rambutan, …” The woman watches her son…

May 25, 2020