Imagine an outdoor classroom, where everything we learn in the books come alive in real life…

How can we go outside the classroom to go inside ourselves? Digging deeper into the soil of our gardens, we may unearth the aspect of Education that consist of the Latin word ‘Educare’ – ‘E’ means out, ‘ducare’ means to lead or draw. Hence ‘Educare’, as part of Education, is to lead out, draw out, to nourish so as to bring forth the inherent potentials of a person by active cooperation of an educa(re-)tor.

The Education Pod supports the development of educational programmes, including food-system related curricula for schools, adult learning and corporate training programmes. It combines the resources of a few Ventures to offer a one-stop shop for companies, schools and institutions seeking organisational training, student engagement and internal agency transformation. It brings together the experience of educators and practitioners who have worked at multiple scales to enable systemic changes in the communication and co-creation of new food practices in Singapore.

As members of the Foodscape Collective grew and learn individually and collectively, we found ourselves approached by school, organisations and businesses to offer talks and workshops relating to our food-scape. Gathering experiences and learnings from the ground, and ourselves taking workshops and learning from more experienced individuals and organisations, members of the Collective has started offering paid workshops, talks and consultancy services as a means of livelihood.

Notably, Food Citizen Pte Ltd and the Soil Regeneration Project has created an expansive curriculum on gardening, composting and soil regeneration for schools and organisations; and Conscious Connections specialises in workshop and programmes for supporting well-being. Find out more about these ventures here.


If you are an individual, school or organization looking for internship opportunities, we are also happy to receive interns to support knowledge and skills capacity-building as part of our education programme.

In 2020, Foodscape Collective is receiving a group of 13 National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) students from ITE-East, offering them opportunities to work alongside our community in areas of organising, publicity, research, gardening and community-building.

Past interns include Toh Han Jing who has since joined the Collective as an active member. Check out what she shared about her experience here!

The point of this writing and what drove me to intern at foodscape, would then be this; to instill greater awareness in people of both the beauty of the food cycle, and the things less beautiful; to drive them to think beyond what lies on our white porcelain plates.

Toh Han jing, 2017

If you’re interested to intern with us, write to us at and tell us about yourself, your interest, what you’d like to offer, and why you’d like to work with us!