Conscious Connections

Heart-crafting spaces for well-being

Conscious Connections was born out of a search for stillness. We rest in the belief that in a hectic world, silence holds the key to healing and wellbeing. It opens the doors to inner and external journeys, bringing gifts of clarity, spaciousness and authentic relations – with ourselves, one another and our planet.

A service-centered enterprise, Conscious Connections is here to guide you through your journey to a balanced and evolved life through nature-inspired gatherings and interactive workshops. By carving out more physical and mental spaces for pause, we hold supportive spaces for you to become aware of your own calm breath and discover your inner truth and purpose in life.

The Art of Eating

A series of practical and experiential sessions that uses food as an entry point to mindfulness practice for well-being. Starting from food as fuel for the body, to understanding how food affects our body, mind and spirit, to making conscious food choices, this series is designed to meet you where you are in your relationship with food, and guide you in deepening your connection to what nourishes you through an embodied and empowering way.

This programme is not intended to prescribe any specific diet as we believe that individual needs vary. There may be discussion on what to eat although the emphasis will be on how we eat and what we choose to eat.

Some of what we will cover include:

  1. Tuning in to how we eat
  2. Bringing awareness to our food choices
  3. Experiencing food as energy
  4. Crafting our relationship to food and nourishment
  5. Eating as an expression of life

We do not believe in a one-size-fit-all approach and love working with people where they are on their food journey. 

This series can be crafted for individuals, communities and office workers.

Do enquire about our Mindful Lunch Menu for working adults who want to incorporate mindful practices in the midst of your busy work life. This programme can also be offered in a school or corporate setting.

Write to us at for more details and a free consultation to get started.

Open Space

Riding the waves of life’s ups and downs can be an adventure. When we carve out spaces for self-care to stay connected with ourselves and be, we can find balance and peace amidst any circumstance. Join us in finding creative expressions as a way to stay in touch with ourselves.

#1 : Journaling for Self-Care