#CollectiveWednesday is a series of calls to connect people from where we are, and create opportunities where individuals from Foodscape Collective’s community network can offer to share their personal knowledge or stories in areas that the community is interested in. The initiative came about as a work-around to building a sense of community and safe space for sharing and learning, even during the circuit breaker period. Each call is on a Wednesday, and can be anywhere between 30 to 75 minutes.

Contact Person: Cuifen

Stage of development: Exploratory / Co-creation. This initiative is meant to connect people across Foodscape Collective’s network during the circuit breaker period. Amazingly, we have had calls every single week, and each call has an average of ~23 registered participants! We have a few participants who registered interest to help with future calls, and are looking to form a team.

Where to sign-up for future calls: Intended audience for these calls are active members and followers of Foodscape Collective. Upcoming events are posted on Foodscape Collective’s FB page and FB group. The sign-up is via Foodscape Collective’s Peatix platform.