Community Learning: Non-Violent Communication

This Community Learning space is for us to learn and practice together some of the topics or skills we find value-adding to our lives. This is not a session where anyone ‘teach’ as an ‘expert’. Instead, the host(s) or facilitator(s) will share resources and experiences on interested topics and attendees will learn together collectively. This is also an opportunity to apply what we’re learning with any personal life examples each of us might want to share.

You are encouraged to look at the listed resources of the topics to see what you’d like to bring up to ask or share during the group learning session.

Community Learning #1:

Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

With Yi Han

As social beings, we seek to communicate to be heard and acknowledged. Likewise, we connect with others when we have the ability to listen attentively to others.

Non-violent communication is a tool to express ourselves with more clarity. Through the process, we learn to connect wholeheartedly, and find ways to talk about our feelings and needs that connects us to one another.

In this session, Yi Han will share with us his personal experience with NVC by way of an introduction, and facilitate a participatory workshop to learn this tool for communication.

May 16, Saturday, 2 to 4:30pm

Some resources you can look at before the session:

Nonviolent Communication and Self Awareness | Maria Engels | TEDxAllendaleColumbiaSchool

Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg – a Brief Introduction